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A digital reeding that takes care of your eyes



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The effort required to reed a digital document of a book is big; it takes more time and effort to reed a book and your eyes usually get pretty tired. Therefore, ICE Book Reader Professional aims to avoid sore eyes for those who spend lots of time reading online.

ICE Book Reader Professional provides different features that will improve both your reeding and your health. The text scrolls slowly and without drastic movements and also uses colors to differentiate headlines. The reading software is a great choice for working with LIT, CHM And ePUB, and it doesn't use any component from Microsoft Reader. It also works as a file converter, from TXT to HTML, DOC, PDB, LIT, and FB2.

Another great ICE Book Reader feature is that you're eyes won't get tired since you don't need to be sitting close to the screen in order to reed. Because of the front size, it's as if you were watching TV. You can control how quickly the text scrolls and change the thickness of the text, making the reading easier.

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